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We are located in southwestern Connecticut.  Services also available online.

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Angela & Alexandra are fertility care practitioners who work in Southwestern Connecticut.  They are both married to incredibly supportive and adoring husbands and have 7 children between them.  They are passionate about getting good ideas off the ground and bringing their message to the ears and hearts of young girls and their mother's.   Angela is also a school teacher and Alexandra is an actress. When they are working there is always an abundance of food and usually a bunch of kids and tons of legos. They both enjoy a splash of St. Germaine in their seltzer and love taking a holistic and natural approach to their health.  They take way too many pictures of store fronts in NYC and comment about the "modesty factor" of what they see. 

 They are blessed to have a tribe of women both in their families and within their friendships to make all of their work possible.   

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May 20, 2018

The day after 200 people embarked in the rain to the Basilica basement hall to hear Jennifer Fulwiler speak - and a late night close - three Stamford gals woke before dawn. We didn’t go into the fields and roll the grain or sell our goods at the city gates but we did prepare our children for their day, adorn ourselves with orange (Jennifer's favorite color), and took the train to...

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