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Connection, not Competition: a Day in New York City with Beyoutifully Made, Jen Fulwiler, and SiriusXM

May 20, 2018

The day after 200 people embarked in the rain to the Basilica basement hall to hear Jennifer Fulwiler speak - and a late night close - three Stamford gals woke before dawn. We didn’t go into the fields and roll the grain or sell our goods at the city gates but we did prepare our children for their day, adorn ourselves with orange (Jennifer's favorite color), and took the train together to the big city. 

Our Instagram stories fueled by coffee and adrenaline, our hearts eager to arrive at SiriusXM, and our minds working on this idea or that. Working and revamping the definition of "feminine genius", laughing at our mislabeled spice jar for moms and daughters, and strolling Fifth Avenue laughing at our "modesty factor" opinions about the mannequins... like we know anything.


​But alas, we do. We know our hearts. The ones uniquely made by Our Lord, beautified by Our Lady, and loved by our families. We know the six degrees of Our Homeplace, and the comfort of walking by Kevin Bacon as we strutted into Rockefeller center and the Sirius offices. We know we are ready. 

Here. Now. In the moment. Discussing the importance of connection for women. Sharing funny stores with Jen, sipping coffee and selfies like sunshine.

And on the train ride home after a lovely dinner in Bryant Park, we rest in our sisterhood, knowing this group - the Basilica Babes with Bibles - will always have our backs. Even with 3am blowout diapers. Or to share blowout hair, rainy makeup faces, and tears that flow like wine - with joy and celebration. 

​​Be You. Be lovely. Be bold. 

Celebrate everything.

Lisa Kotasek has been our biggest cheerleader and supporter! We are thrilled she has contributed to our blog and shared with us this incredible opportunity to be on the Jennifer Fulwiler Show. We are blessed to have her by our side. Thank you Lisa we love you!


Alexandra & Angela














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