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We are located in southwestern Connecticut.  Services also available online.

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Be Lovely

 The Path to True Authenticity
Online Course
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You were created unique and with a purpose.

Embrace the individual God made you to be and unravel the path to true authenticity.  Deeply explore what makes you the unique woman you are in this online course filled with inspirational stories, guided self-exploration and a weekly action challenge!  This program is designed to empower women at every stage of life, overcome the stereotypes that box us in, and foster a sisterhood rooted in kindness, respect, and trust. Our Be Lovely program can be taken by all women beginning as early as 8 years old to 108 years young.
Each week you will explore these important and exciting topics below.

Come Join Our Circle of Women

Join us on a journey toward self-mastery and fulfillment, using our unique approach to understanding the multi-dimensional aspects of our feminine nature. Discover your inner soul and become truly empowered with the freedom and confidence to stand up for what is true, good, and beautiful. Women are made for community, not competition.  


This five (5) week online course will teach you how to:​

  • become present and experience joy

  • let go and heal your relationships

  • effectively communicate

  • focus on the connections between love and life through a natural process that is personal and internal.   

Bring harmony, peace, balance, love, and compassion to your relationships. Learn how to unleash your unique ability to nurture, heal, grow, express, and serve others in the way God intended.  Learn resilience, work better with others, and build strong and meaningful relationships.

Be Lovely


Ages 18 - 108

Be Lovely


Ages 13 and up

Be Lovely


Ages 8 and up
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How long is this course?
A: Our course is five (5) weeks in duration.  Each week you will explore several topics and virtues filled with inspirational stories and an action plan.  Worksheets that coincide with the topic and virtue for that week will also be available for download.
Q:  What should I expect when I register to take your course?
A:  Once you register to take our course, you will receive a welcome email explaining the virtues that will be discussed each week as well as the materials you will need.  Materials could be purchased from the Beyoutifully Made Beyoutique or you can use your own.  
Q: What if I am not satisfied with the course?
A:  We will be happy to refund you.